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Live 4 Live Music

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Welcome to "LIVE 4 LIVE MUSIC" PICTURE community!

This community is dedicated to the universal language, MUSIC. Not just any music....LIVE music. Because in my opinion, it's the best out there. There's nothing like the experience of live music. Where it takes over your mind and body, and for that instance you are living the song and nothing else. Then if you hear that song again you are taken back to that moment evertime. What better way is there to share these experiences with others than through pictures?

At this community you can post PICTURES, encounters (smallest amount of words) w/ a PICTURE, news (smallest amount of words) w/ a PICTURE, tourdates w/ a PICTURE, and PICTURES.

Did I mention this was a PICTURE community?

****Please READ the RULES before posting in the community****

1. Read the rules before posting
2. EVERY post must contain a PICTURE!!!!
3. You may post icons, backgrounds, banners etc.....but only post a few teasers, and them put the rest behind an LJ cut.
4. There is a "NO DRAMA" Policy. Please treat everyone with respect! If not than you will be voted off the island.
5. If you are going to post a large pic, multiple pics, or a long post, please use an LJ cut.
6. No hotlinking. Just say no to Bandwidth theft. If you're going to post a pic use www.photobucket.com
7. Follow the rules....nuff said.

If there is problem with a post (ex: no picture), the moderator will comment nicely in the post that a change needs to be made. If the problem is not fixed in 2 days, the post will be deleted.

If the proper credit for an image is not given please comment nicely in the post and the proper credit will be given.

This is my first community....so I'm excited to get things started!!!! Everyone is welcome to join, and don't be afraid to post. Share your moments with everyone else! Thanks!

Moderator: trying2bverbal

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